Refugee Self-Organization

Moria White Helmets

In March 2020, a Syrian/ Arab self-organization was founded as a response to the covid-pandemic, with the ambition for refugees to take a more active role in the Moria Refugee Camp – the largest center for asylum seekers in Europe-  in fixing their current issues.

Currently, within the Mavrovouni Camp structure on Lesvos, the Moria White Helmets conduct a variety of projects developed and adapted to meet the ever changing needs on the island, such as:

  • Barber for boys and men
  • Beauty for girls and women
  • Education (native languages, culture of the countries of origin, etc.) for children and adults
  • Keeping the camp clean and recycling plastic bottles
  • Workshop for repairs, electricity supply, etc.
  • Manufacture of plastic bottle collection containers for the Green Mythelini Program

Ariadni is the main local Greek partner of the Moria White Helmets, because as a non-formal refugee self-organization they need an NGO that assists them with logistics from outside the camp.

The Moria White Helmets projects and actions follow the motto that “as long as we have hands, we can do it as it is our duty to keep each other safe”.

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