Traditional Craftsmanship

Workshops of Tradition 

The raw material sheep’s wool is currently ending up unused in the garbage, but could – again – be used in a variety of ecological and sensible ways.

The ‹worst› quality for horticulture e.g. for fertilization and water-saving soil cover.

The ‹medium› quality in house construction, e.g. for building insulation.

The ‹good› quality for the production of home and clothing textiles and much more.

For this purpose, the wool quality could be considered more in breeding.

Wool fat is even used in medical fields. 

At Ariadni House we deal with cleaning, carding, natural dyeing, felting and spinning.

Traditional skills are also a possible contribution to environmental protection and a sustainable lifestyle

Making olive oil soap was also a traditional craft on Lesvos and can be learned in small batches for home use.

In order to revive the old, traditional craft of «felting», our partner organization Hoffnung Leben organizes free felting workshops on Lesvos.

In addition to the practical benefits of handcrafts, we would also like to point out the relaxing, connecting and sometimes even positive therapeutic effects of needlework.

In a relaxing and connecting sense, we regularly offer the opportunity to do handcrafts together with wool and fabrics – for our own use or people in need … gladly accompanied by music, stories, a few snacks and drinks.

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