Ariadni is a Greek organisation on Lesvos – active for the people on the island no matter what origin.

Our focus is “Education – Empowerment – Environment

Ariadni develops and implements, 

together with partners such as Wadi, the Moria White Helmets , self-organized schools in the camp and Hoffnung leben , – holistic, networked concepts for the education and empowerment of people on the island considering the most pressing issues of our time: 

Learning to live peacefully together

Implement environmental protection in all its facets

Create fair livelihoods for all

With our support, our German partner “Hoffnung lebencooperates with a local olive farmer, where refugees can find work. It’s organically certified, high-quality and extremely delicious olive oil is sold as a donation product in Germany. These proceeds go back to Lesvos to enable further activities.

In order to revive an old, traditional craft, Hoffnung leben (website-link) is again organizing a 2-week felt workshop on Lesvos this year. The raw material sheep’s wool currently ends up unused in the garbage, but could be used in a variety of ecologically sensible ways – e.g. in horticulture, for building insulation, for the production of home and clothing textiles and much more. This could also go hand in hand with the ecologically compatible production of olive oil soap; also a traditional craft on Lesvos.

Ariadni offers 

at the Melina Women’s Space, Monday to Friday mornings, a clean and airy space that allows various activities. Here women can follow their wishes and needs, use the washing machine and shower, chat over a hearty breakfast or sew, knit or crochet something for themselves and others.

Pictures: Inside Melina

At Melina we practice waste separation and waste avoidance, talk about topics such as climate change and environmental protection, democracy as well as, and life in the EU, human rights, rights and opportunities for women and girls. Island visitors are also welcome.

Safe transfer between camp and Melina is available.

The guests also have the opportunity to go on island excursions to learn about the unique nature and history, local customs and daily life of Lesvos locals. In this way, the refugees can remember the island with beautiful pictures and experiences, and locals have the opportunity to perceive the refugees in a different way.

Ariadni organizes 

lessons in Greek and English available for beginners and advanced levels and are open to all people on the island. 

Picture: Greek Class in Melina

The English and Greek lessons at Ariadni House address environmental issues, but also issues such as democracy, life in Europe, human rights (women, children, minorities).

Here, people of all origins learn new things together, which can be very useful for shaping their future. Especially women from Afghanistan and other countries where learning is forbidden for them are especially very happy about this free opportunity to learn in small groups and at their own pace.

Ariadni supports 

also various self-organized school groups within the camp. If wished, school groups can use the premises in Ariadni House or take part in excursions or use the driver and bus for their own excursions. The teachers in the camp have the opportunity to receive further training from the Ariadni teacher on topics such as environmental protection, life in a democracy and much more.

Ariadni supports 

together with Wadi , Solingen hilft and Hoffnung leben  the refugee group “Moria White Helmets”, founded in early 2020. 

The team is made up of many nations and has made it it’s task to keep the camp clean, among other things. In cooperation with the city administration, they also collect rubbish on beaches and streets as well as in districts. 

In addition, MWH offers a barber shop, a repair workshop, a school and ensures large parts of the electricity supply in the camp.

Pictures: Activities of MWH

The “MWH” are now starting to separate waste, for example to recycle plastic bottles, screw caps and aluminum cans as valuable and raw materials. This is a small source of income and moreover a meaningful occupation that helps psychologically and mentally, gives back dignity, shows the skills and desire to participate in a society and also the fact that refugees are not only needy but also enriching – we offer them the opportunities to partake in a meaningful way.

Ariadni plans, 

the implementation of this recycling concept in cooperation with the city of Mytilene in schools and at the university.

Ariadni provides 

a teacher to conduct environment training courses for children and adults on the island. The concept is implemented in cooperation with the island’s university and schools. The teacher is also available for the training and qualification of e.g. the coordinator in Melina, team members of MWH, teachers of the camp schools and other interested parties, who in turn can then act as information multipliers.

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