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Our women’s program is called Melina, named after Melina Mercouri, a famous Greek artist, politician and campaigner for women’s rights.
If required, most Ariadni activities can be organized exclusively for women & girls in order to offer them a protected environment for their own development.

Melina women’s program
offers undisturbed «time out» with activities such as breakfast, cooking / baking and island excursions as well as traditional island handicrafts and much more.

Depending on their needs and desires, guests at Ariadni House can use the washing machine, mend clothes, use the sewing machine, materials and utensils, and chat over tea and brunch.

Open Tuesdays to Saturdays.

Ariadni offers transfers to and from Ariadni House.

Needlework with wool and fabrics

We focus on upcycling used clothing and e.g. sewing much needed long skirts and warm trousers or knitting and crocheting hats, scarves and gloves. This can be for the guests› own needs or for distribution to those in need on the island.

We want to empower women and girls to realize their needs, desires and rights.

We want to make it possible to experience that women can achieve more together – regardless of their origin.

Similarities can be experienced and topics such as «Life as a woman in Europe, in a democracy, women as multipliers, e.g. in environmental protection» can be discussed.

In a relaxed togetherness, surprising things can arise, such as dancing together to music from different countries …

In addition to the practical benefits of handcrafts, we would also like to point out the relaxing, connecting and sometimes even positive therapeutic effects of needlework.

In a relaxing and connecting sense, we regularly offer the opportunity to do handcrafts together with wool and fabrics – for our own use or people in need … gladly accompanied by music, stories, a few snacks and drinks.

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